Well its almost release day for the PS4 in the UK, many people in the UK/Ireland have pre ordered with Game UK and Game UK have cancelled many of their pre orders with zero warning, i wrote about it on my own website, here is what i posted there:

I was browsing Twitter about thirty minutes ago and I noticed a friend Cameron Brewster whom i follow, had tweeted that Game had cancelled his PS4 Pre Order, here is one of his tweets:

So i went to check my pre order and guess what:

Game UK Screws Up - Cancels Hundreds Of PS4 PreordersS

That’s right, it has been cancelled, with no warning, with no email telling me that there might be a problem, no phone call to say there was a problem, how ever i did check my emails and seen that they were kind enough to tell me it had already been cancelled, but with no reason why, all it says is this:

Game UK Screws Up - Cancels Hundreds Of PS4 PreordersS

So talking to Cameron and flaming Game for being so damn incompetent, Cameron informs me that we are not the only ones with this problem and that numerous people are suffering the same problem, here are some tweets:

I could keep on posting, but you can read more tweets here:

Customers Angry At Incompetent Game

if you are a Game customer and preorderred, i highly advise you to check your order, the whole getting it sorted is a pain in the ass too, you use their contact form and you have to wait a long time, you use their live chat and you are put in a queue for several hours, then get kicked and sent to the contact form and their phone service is a computer.

And my Twitter, where i have been trying to get them to sort the problem